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Top Essential Oils for Pain Relief |

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This article will cover the most common essential oils to relieve pain. This list is not conclusive as there are many more essential oils that can help relieve pain, but I’ve concentrated in the more familiar ones. At the end of the article I will explain you how to use these essential oils to relieve pain. Important note – some essential oils are not suitable for pregnant women or people with certain medical conditions. Check with your doctor before using them. 1. Chamomile – […]

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Massage Therapy for pain relief |


Massage Therapy is a great tool for pain relief.  Pain can happen in your body when muscle tissues and fibers get dense and knotted, unable to get the blood and circulation that they need.  Massage can assist in increasing circulation into your body and muscles relieving pain.  It can connect to your nervous system & encourage the parasympathetic state to allow you to “rest & restore”.  This is often why it is easy to feel sleepy or ‘massage brain’ after […]

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