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Review for 60 min massage
Excellent massage

Carrie did an excellent job.  She is very receptive and open to whatever needs you may have.  She is easy to talk to and most importantly, very comfortable to be around.  She was able to get deeply into my shoulders, neck and arm muscles, yet was light enough on my calves and quads.  I will definitely be comoing back to see her and will possibly book a longer appt – one hour just wasn’t enough! I also plan on exploring more of waht she has to offer along the lines of “body treats” like scrubs.

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Review for 60 minute Deep Tissue / Corrective massage
If I could rate her more stars I definitely would!!

I just saw Carrie at the Jade Gardenia this afternoon, and if I could rate her more stars I definitely would!!!  She was the BEST masseuse I’ve ever seen! I suffer Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome/trigger points, pain in shoulders, neck, upper back and TMJ.  This weekend my TMJ flared up very severely and I needed fast relief.  I am SO thankful I found her! First off, she was extremely flexible and easy to schedule with, and could even do same day/next day appointments, which was awesome.  When I got there, she asked me lots of questions about my pain and diagnoses and even recommended a book and told me to look into a diet known to help people with auto immune disorders.  Next she gave me a choice of all different aromatherapy oils or body butters to choose from, as well as the option of a heat pack.  She completely catered my massage for my personal needs and was absoutely amazing at it.  She even massaged me for an hour instead of the usual fifty minutes most masseuses do.  The best part though was when I left my jaw pain was SO much better!!!  Lastly, she offers new customer discounts, and you can get better deals if you decide to see her monthly.  I will DEFINITELY be coming back!!

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Review for 90min Reiki Massage
Great therapist with a nurturing & intuitive touch

I’ve seen Carrie several times for Reiki and massage therapy.  For anyone looking for a first-time Reiki session, she’s perfect!  She’s quite gifted in explaining Reiki and what to expect.

I usually get a relaxing massage from Carrie; she has a very nurturing and intuitive technique.  She has done more therapeutic (Deep Tissue) into my chronically tight shoulders and sore low back, as well.  I found her work to be very helpful!

Her new studio is a great location! Lots of potted plants! Also, she has a huge collection of essential oils, which is a treat!

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Review for 60min customized massage
The Jade Gardenia is the perfect little south austin massage spot.

The Jade Gardenia is the perfect little south austin massage spot. I am a hairdresser so my back is always full of knots. Carrie worked her magic and I left feeling like a brand new person. I especially love that she offers heat packs and essential oil add-ins. If you’re looking for a great massage at a reasonable price, go see Carrie at The Jade Gardenia. I will definitely be back!

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Review for 60 min customized massage
Best. Massage. EVER.

Best. Massage. EVER.
I’ve seen several massage therapists throughout my life, and Carrie is by far the best. She really takes the time to sit down and talk about what type of massage you would like (relaxing, energizing, therapeutic) and any problem areas you might have.
You can tell she is really an expert on the muscles, and did some deep tissue work on muscles I’m pretty sure had never been touched before (in my upper back). I walked away feeling relaxed, and can tell a huge difference today!
Carrie’s space is relaxing, and her choice of music is chill, hip, and on point. She’s basically just really good at what she does and charges super fair rates. Do yourself a favor and go see her!

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