If I could rate her more stars I definitely would!!

Review for 60 minute Deep Tissue / Corrective massage

I just saw Carrie at the Jade Gardenia this afternoon, and if I could rate her more stars I definitely would!!!  She was the BEST masseuse I’ve ever seen! I suffer Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome/trigger points, pain in shoulders, neck, upper back and TMJ.  This weekend my TMJ flared up very severely and I needed fast relief.  I am SO thankful I found her! First off, she was extremely flexible and easy to schedule with, and could even do same day/next day appointments, which was awesome.  When I got there, she asked me lots of questions about my pain and diagnoses and even recommended a book and told me to look into a diet known to help people with auto immune disorders.  Next she gave me a choice of all different aromatherapy oils or body butters to choose from, as well as the option of a heat pack.  She completely catered my massage for my personal needs and was absoutely amazing at it.  She even massaged me for an hour instead of the usual fifty minutes most masseuses do.  The best part though was when I left my jaw pain was SO much better!!!  Lastly, she offers new customer discounts, and you can get better deals if you decide to see her monthly.  I will DEFINITELY be coming back!!

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