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-Cancellation Policy-

1st time forgiven.

2nd time Credit Card charged Cancellation Fee/Or Cancellation Fee place on account and client is unable to book until paid/

Groupon Clients – 1st time forgiven.  2nd time, you will lose voucher status and it will be redeemed without service.

Exceptions – If you contact The Jade Gardenia and suffered an emergency, sickness, accident, or other unfortunate event, The Jade Gardenia will gladly re-book your appointment for another time.


-The Jade Gardenia is a Safe Space & a Sacred Space 

The Safety and well being and Sacred Space for clients is of upmost importance.  A client may stop a session AT ANY TIME if the client is not comfortable, and the session will stop immediately.

The Jade Gardenia reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that interferes with creating a safe space environment or any situation where any therapist feels “uncomfortable or in any way threatened.”  The session will be stopped immediately, and payment is still due.


Carrie Allison, LMT #115609 / Owner & Therapist

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