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After you sign up you will receive a booking code in your email within 72hours to input where you see ‘Redeem Coupon, Package, or Gift Certificate. It is the orange box. This code will adjust your price to $0.00 since you have already paid through the membership program. If you would like to cancel your membership please email Carrie Allison LMT at   There is a 3 month minimum for memberships. 

How does The Jade Gardenia Membership work?

The Jade Gardenia membership is great for anyone wanting to make visiting The Jade Gardenia a monthly or weekly ritual.  You can sign up for a membership for going through these easy steps:

  1. Click on Memberships under “Book an Appointment Tab”
  2. Select your ‘preferred service’ i.e. Monthly – 90min De-Lux Massage $104.00
  3. Click on the Blue “Sign up for a Membership” Button
  4. Enter your personal information on the following prompts
  5. Click the “Pay $104.00” Button.
  6. Your membership will be created on the day you submit the “Pay Button” and this is also the day your credit card will be charged.  Your credit card will then be charged automatically monthly.  You will receive a special code via email when booking appointments that will adjust your appointment to “$0/paid’ Since your card will have already been charged.
  7. If you would like to pay in advance for your gratuity for your service, follow the same steps above and select the amount you would like to leave your therapist.  This will create a separate charge on your credit card every month. However, your checkout after your massage will be easy & hassle free.
  8. Book your appointment whenever you are in need of your monthly session.
  9. Unused massages rollover
  10. Additional massages over your initial monthly are 25% off

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