Massage Therapy for pain relief

Massage Therapy is a great tool for pain relief.  Pain can happen in your body when muscle tissues and fibers get dense and knotted, unable to get the blood and circulation that they need.  Massage can assist in increasing circulation into your body and muscles relieving pain.  It can connect to your nervous system & encourage the parasympathetic state to allow you to “rest & restore”.  This is often why it is easy to feel sleepy or ‘massage brain’ after a session.  Your body is taking some time to heal & rejuvenate!  Drink water and rest as necessary to help the process.  Over time density of muscles can be opened, cleared, restructured into alignment with your body.  Sometimes this is a short process. Sometimes this process can take years of therapy to work through all those layers that have built up over time.  Getting the care you need will insure less pain, higher quality of life, and better work/life balance.  The body needs regular maintenance just like a car.  And your mind also needs some time away from our non-stop world.  Ready for your next massage?  You Deserve it!

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