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I’m Carrie Allison LMT the founder at The Jade Gardenia -Massage & Wellness. @thejadegardenia on IG/Instagram. The wellness industry has been an important part of my journey in this lifetime and have found different aspects such as healthy living, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, meditation, energy-work and recently yoga/fitness all having a huge impact on my life in staying well.  In 2012 I changed track from Sales and got my certification and license in massage therapy.  In addition to massage therapy I continued practicing Reiki Energy-work which I had started in 2010 which I still offer along with massage at my practice today.  I have completed Cranial-sacral Level 1 in 2016 and I plan to take the remainder of that coursework over time as it is interesting work that has huge impact on restoring the nervous system and I just think it is so cool to learn.  After working briefly at a local massage establishment in 2013, I accepted a job at Milk + Honey Spa downtown which was a great experience working with amazing people and the best in the spa biz. I learned a ton, yet I was yearning to work in a way that was more wellness focused geared towards stress management, pain management, and do more somatic bodywork (Reiki/Cranial-Sacral).  Additionally having a passion for essential oils and utilizing them and other wellness upgrades to customize sessions, I was inspired to create The Jade Gardenia – Massage & Wellness. As a human I value integrative practices for mind/body/soul in an esthetically pleasing inclusive enviornment.  I have found that I am a very versatile massage therapist and within that my current focus is on Wellness Massage, Deep Tissue massage & Somatic Bodywork .  I have been very fortunate to practice out of the heart & soul of Austin in the South First District in a shared building with South Austin Chiropractic /Dr. Forest Peltan who has been a friend of me and my husband for years. Although we do not work together per se, we do refer clients to each other as needed which is a great perk to have chiropractic also in the building.  Since starting my practice I am proud to have received 30 *5 star Yelp reviews (43 if you count those not recommended) and helps tons of people recover from issues they weren’t able to resolve elsewhere, as well as offering an affordable monthly membership option for clients looking for regular care.  Some additional training I have taken has been in Shiatsu, Reflexology, DeepFeet Ashiatsu, and am currently studying Triggerpoint theory self-study. In total I have been practicing massage for 6.5 years with around 4800 hours of bodywork during that time.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and my adorable cats, to go swimming, listen to music or hang out with friends, creating art or music, meditate, go out to all the fabulous food/restaurants atx has to offer, go to events around town, and recently I have been adding a more regular yoga / workout/ routine and/or trying out a new fitness class. I <3 Austin 🙂 as it really is as special as everyone says it is!

Thank you for your time & I look forward to working with you.

Best Regards to you & yours

Carrie Allison, LMT

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